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Welcome to Naviswiss

Naviswiss’ mission is to provide easy to use miniaturized surgical measuring and navigation systems that support the surgeon in his operational technique, improve quality of outcomes and provide immediate quality control, simplify work flows and reduce time and cost of procedures.

Its overall goal is to reduce health care costs and improve the quality of the OP outcome for the patient.

Naviswiss’ aim is to develop and commercialize innovative optical measuring, tracking and navigation systems for medical applications. In its product development, Naviswiss addresses the unmet need for cost efficient and ergonomic measuring and navigation tools for minimal invasive procedures at the patient site.

The novel Naviswiss measuring and navigation principle demonstrated on a hip replacement:


At the general assembly of June 29, 2016 the industrial designer Raimund Erdmann was elected tot he Board of Directors. Raimund Erdmann brings in a...

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Naviswiss moves to Brugg (AG), Switzerland and starts the final development step of industrialization and CE certification of its handheld orthopaedic...

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