Naviswiss has made surgical navigation smarter and smaller and puts it in the hands of the orthopedic surgeon.
Reduced to the essential
Naviswiss integrates the latest patented technology into an easy to use system. Without the need for pre-operative imaging, it is a smart way to achieve a controlled and documented surgical outcome.
Less is more
Naviswiss puts the navigation system in the surgeon's hand, making surgical navigation as easy to use as a surgical instrument. The miniaturization enables a minimally invasive surgical technique.
To the point
Naviswiss supports orthopedic surgeons in the precise implementation of hip implants.The immediate results of either, image-free and image-based workflows can contribute to quality improvements and document the outcome.

A range of benefits for each stakeholder group

Naviswiss lets me choose the best method for my patients. I can do pre-operative planning and decide about the navigation later. Depending on the case I use the faster landmark-based workflow or the more sophisticated CT-based workflow.
Dr. Evangelos Gakis, Psyhiko Clinic (Athens)

Naviswiss CT-based Planning and Navigation

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Naviplan makes CT-based total hip replacement planning easy: Load case - Autoplanning - Review - Export.
Intra-operatively Naviswiss navigation supports both, Naviplan CT-based cases as well as cases planned with any other method.