The Naviswiss system allows hospitals to position themselves at the cutting edge of science and technology – without being tied to an implant.
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Assoc. Prof. John Ireland Sydney Bone & Joint Clinic (Australia)


Optimization of process and costs

Naviswiss reduces the complexity of computer-assisted surgery and simplifies the handling. A future-oriented technology can thus be introduced at manageable costs and with a high level of acceptance among staff.


Attractive technology with low logistics effort

Hospitals appreciate the small number of instruments required for Naviswiss and the low storage space requirements. The uncomplicated handling of the compact hand-held device and the associated increase in efficiency and quality makes the operating theatre more attractive for orthopedic surgeons.


Surgical precision and documented outcome

The case-specific workflow of the Naviswiss procedure can help the hospital to improve the overall quality of total hip replacement. This benefits patients, surgeons and the organization equally. The surgery is documented in detail and ensures objective traceability.
The patient understands of course that this has to be better and it creates confidence. In our healthcare system you have to have a cost-effective outcome from using this technology and the Naviswiss system is very cost effective.
Assoc. Prof. John Ireland Sydney Bone & Joint Clinic (Australia)