9. April 2021

First CT-based Total Hip Navigation Case

Naviswiss adds image-based planning and navigation to its compact and handheld navigation system for total hip replacement.

In addition to the landmark-based hip navigation Naviswiss is introducing CT-based navigation. The new workflow includes 'Naviplan', a pre-operative planning tool which automatically analyzes the computer tomography DICOM data and proposes the initial implant configuration. After reviewing and fine-tuning the pre-operative plan can be transferred to the navigation system and used during the surgery to execute it as planned.
"The seamless integration of a largely automatic pre-operative planning with the extremely easy to use navigation system marks a milestone in quality control for orthopedics." says CEO Jan Stifter who has been heading Naviswiss since it's market entry 3 years ago. "We have proven the accuracy and reliability of our landmark-based hip navigation in more than 1500 surgeries since 2018. With the addition of image-based surgery we now enter a completely new league which puts us on eye-level with the robotic systems."
Orthopedic surgeons can choose freely between the simple landmark-based navigation for their straightforward cases or the more sophisticated CT-based planning and navigation workflow for the more challenging and complex anatomies.

Dr. Evangelos Gakis at Psyhiko Clinic (Athens) states after the world's first applications of the new CT-based navigation: "Naviswiss lets me choose the best method for my patients. I can do pre-operative planning and decide about the navigation later. Depending on the case I use the faster landmark-based workflow or the more sophisticated CT-based workflow."

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