Naviswiss is an innovative and yet easy to use navigation system with streamlined logistics and interesting possibilities particularly for implant manufacturers.

Logistic simplicity

Naviswiss has streamlined the logistics of navigated surgery by making the equipment portable, simple and compact.

Fewer instruments in combination with sterile single-use components further simplify the operation.

No technical specialists are required thanks to easy to understand setup and operation.

Innovative technology at an affordable price

The Naviswiss system is cutting edge and yet affordable and easy to use. It is a valuable addition to orthopedic implants and a door opener to new surgeons as well.

The technology is secured by international patents. Software and instruments are designed by engineers with long standing experience in the orthopedic field.

A scalable, modular and open platform

Naviswiss offers a scalable, modular and open system for hip and knee*) navigation. It can also be tailored to one manufacturer’s implants, their instruments and surgical technique.

Combined with the profound know-how of Naviswiss this offers implant manufacturers plenty of flexibility in supporting their business.

Because Naviswiss is not in the business of manufacturing implants itself, we are the ideal independent partner for implant manufacturers. This allows us to focus all our attention on what we do best: developing the world’s most innovative surgical navigation technology.

*) planned