While the Naviswiss navigation system offers many benefits for the surgeon, the improved outcome also affects the patient’s life in a positive way.

Probably nobody looks forward to a major hip or knee surgery. And while many patients may not be interested in every detail of the procedure, there are two important things to ask: how much risk is involved and how long will it take to recover?

Two elderly people walking over a meadow with walking poles

The Naviswiss team keeps patients’ concerns in mind throughout the development of its navigation system for knee*) or hip replacement. With the navigation system, we give the surgeon a tool which enables him to implant the artificial joint as planned prior to the surgery. Deviations can thus be minimized which reduces the likeliness of complications or long-term consequences.

This has not only the potential to decrease the healing cost, but it can also positively affect the patient’s quality of life. Studies with different navigation systems demonstrate the extended lifetime of navigated knee implants versus non-navigated ones.

The bottom line: better quality of life.

*) planned