A clear business case, robust patent protection and unparalleled expertise make for a solid investment.

Reducing size and complexity in computer assisted orthopedic surgery (CAOS) doesn’t just benefit surgeons and patients.
Naviswiss technology is also a highly promising investment with a solid value proposition.

Please read the press release… regarding financial round D and about the successfull CE approval of the hip navigation. 

Well developed, patented product with a strong IP value proposition

Naviswiss has reached a fully functional product ready for production.

Technology and design features are backed up by international patents.

Single-use components create the base for long term customer relations

The affordable surgical navigation system is well positioned in the market, while the patented single-use NAVItags™ provide continuous revenue.

Surgeons, hospitals and implant manufacturers are highly interested in the Naviswiss system and acknowledge its benefits.

Professional and interdisciplinary team

All of these investment aspects are backed by our expertise and experience in medical devices engineering and marketing.

While developing our products further we cooperate with renowned medical partners who and are quite impressed by the positive results themselves.


Hip and knee replacements have become routine, and the number of these procedures performed are consistently increasing. Figures from Australia show that surgeons increasingly opt for navigated surgery. Thanks to better results (fewer revision surgeries) the use of navigation has increased from just 2.3% to an impressive 28.6% over the past 11 years [1]. As a result, demand for CAOS technologies is expcted to rise. With ever increasing cost pressure in the health care system, the affordable Naviswiss system is well positioned in this market.

[1] Graves S. Hip, Knee & Shoulder Arthroplasty, Annual Report 2016. Aust Orthop Assoc Natl Jt Regist. 2016:222. doi:10.1017/CBO9781107415324.004.