Medical Professionals

The Naviswiss navigation supports the entire team with a streamlined intra- and perioperative process.

Instantaneous results without line of sight issues

The Naviswiss navigation solution avoids line of sight issues and reduces the amount of equipment in the operating room.

The surgeon has better control and gets immediate results thanks to the handheld navigation device which he uses only when needed.

Naviswiss supports implant-independent hip and knee*) replacement.

Convenient and less invasive

At roughly the size of a stamp, the compact, lightweight NAVITags™ allow small and less invasive bone fixations.

The sterile single-use tags are easy to clean during surgery which simplifies the surgical process.

Hospitals will appreciate the lower acquisition and service-related costs, and the affordability of the technology.

Controlled outcome and seamless documentation

Instantaneous navigation results help in better positioning and aligning the implant and facilitate a detailed documentation for quality control and billing.

In the event of a malpractice claim, the Naviswiss solution provides seamless documentation.

*) Planned


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